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Saxophone - the new way to success Volume 2

Volume 2 of this saxophone book builds on Volume 1, and all other regular fingerings from the lowest note Bb to
declared F sharp. As in the first volume, there are finger exercises for the new tones in order to master difficult passages.
The remaining major keys up to seven sharp and flat accidentals are presented just as consistently, as well as all minor keys
and new time signatures such as eighth time, alla breve time and 5/4 time, triplets with correct counting. swing rhythm
and phrasing is explained, the chromatic scale, various auxiliary handles and embellishments, overtone exercises and vibrato, the
Circle of fifths, growl and fluttering tongue, as well as a small section on improvisation.
There is also a special section for baritone saxophonists that includes exercises and pieces for the low A.

It contains many varied pieces of music in a wide variety of styles, such as folk, gospel, groovy jazz, merengue, tarantella, Irish folk, pop, blues and swing, shanty, Jamaican ska, guaracha, funk, dixieland and classical.
All of these pieces are on the MP.3 CD included in the book, each with professional demo and playback versions for alto and tenor saxophone.

The 116-page ring binder is printed in full 4/4 color on high-quality 170 gram paper.

The content of the book is in German.

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Here are some audio samples:

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